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Time Line Therapy™ and Eliminating Anxiety

Eliminating Anxiety using Time Line Therapy™

Overcoming Anxiety Time Line Therapy™

Overcoming Anxiety with Time Line Therapy™


Anxiety has its emotional basis in Fear. Where Fear is primarily related to events in the past, Anxiety is a future based emotion. Try and feel anxious about something that’s already happened?!

The physical symptoms that are often described by someone who is experiencing  Anxiety include increases in heart rate or the rate of breathing, feeling light headed, shaking, sweating, tingling in the hands or feet.  These symptoms are impossible to ignore and it can be even tougher to overcome them on your own.

Interesting there is a purpose to Anxiety – it’s like a warning light on the dash board of your car. Anxiety is a warning from your Unconscious Mind and it is communicating one of two things to you. Either that you are focused on what you don’t want to happen OR that you are under prepared.

Eliminating Anxiety is simple and easy like any other Time Line Therapy™ technique. There is a specific process can be utilised by kids as young as 3 years old and grown ups as old as 90! First of all we use Time Line Therapy™ to release Fear from the past and then we treat the Anxiety using  an easy to follow procedure.

The Anxiety Model is a fantastic technique that you can learn at our Time Line Therapy™ Training. The big picture is that the client imagines floating above their Time Line and into the future to a point after the successful completion of the event. When specific criteria are met, in every case the Anxiety disappears.

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Time Line Therapy™ – Understanding the Basics

The thinking behind Time Line Therapy ™ is the same as the wisdom from ancient cultures. Negative emotions that remain trapped in the body will block the flow of energy, our life force.  Therefore the supply of energy is depleted. Think of your body as a quantum mechanical device.

Time Line Therapy ™ facilitates the release of negative emotions and limiting decisions thus allowing energy to flow. The result is that the person experiences physical, mental and emotional well being with the renewed flow of energy around the body.

Negative emotions where they are suppressed or are running the show are absorbing energy that truthfully could be put to better use. If we under-react because of negative emotion and don’t handle a situation that comes up or we don’t asset ourselves the consequence could be harmful or costly. The flip side of the coin is that is we over-react that too can create all sorts of problems, from an end of a relationship to an instance of road rage.

Instead of being controlled by our negative emotions, we prefer the empowering freedom that comes from what we describe as “being at cause”. That means “I am the cause for what I’ve created in my life”. This mindset provides us with a greater awareness by taking responsibility and recovering choices in a given situation instead of getting lost in a series of emotional reactions.

Using Time Line Therapy ™ to eliminate negative emotions and  limiting decisions is very exciting because it means that our vision for the future and our goals become incredibly compelling and achieveable.


The Potential of Time Line Therapy™

Time Line Therapy ™ techniques have the potential to allow you to transform all and/or any area(s) of your life and also the lives of others around you – just as they have done for hundreds of thousands of people all across the globe.

In writing this blog we want to inspire you to share this information and help others to transform theirs lives too. You only have to watch the news channel for a few minutes to see that there is too much unnecessary suffering occuring in the world.

Time Line Therapy ™ training offers you a new way of developing your mind and your mastery of life in general. You’ll enjoy very important insights into the workings of your own personality and your happiness.

You may have heard this said before, that if you want to create a change then begin with you. However, people can be very good at finding lots of “reasons” (or as we like to call them – excuses) for not changing. “Oh I can’t because of the economy”, “I’ll have to wait until the kids leave home”, “I don’t have the education to do that”, the list can be endless. Rest assured all of those reasons are not real because, somewhere on the planet somebody with similar circumstances WILL be doing it or have done it. The truth is You have to decide to change. It’s not immediately obvious that if you want to change something then you have to change something.

There is a massive amount of clarity and personal power that is tied up and unavailable to you when you have unresolved negative past experiences. Using Time Line Therapy ™ and taking action turns the memories into sources of learning and power.

It’s fair to say that everybody has faced tough times at somepoint in life. Some people have faced extreme challenges that would made your hair stand on end when you hear their stories. We had a client that came to see us for Coaching and he was convinced that his whole life was on a downward spiral. Afterwards he realised that he’d trapped himself in a place where he constantly felt sorry for himself and that this state of mind wasn’t allowing him to achieve all that he wanted. He set about getting back on track right away. Now, even in the current economic climate, he is very successful. Life is life, it’s not good or bad. Life is what you make of it.

Successful people have a common trait – they take action. And yes, sometimes those actions don’t turn out as expected. The key is that if you don’t do anything, then don’t expect to change.

Do you really want to change those things in your life that bother you? Or are you in a position where you say you want to change, talk about it a lot and then take no action? There is only one way to create success and that is if you take action to make it happen.

Consider many of the world’s sporting celebrities. For some of them, they didn’t enjoy the best start in life. Coming from a really poor background, a single parent family, violent neighbourhoods or the wrong part of the world. Those are big obstacles. However, they made it to the top because they didn’t focus on their dysfunctional families or their backgrounds and use them as excuses. In many cases, their coach assisted them to focus on what they wanted and didn’t let them find excuses for losing.

One of the amazing things that happens when you tap in the most positive, resourceful aspects of who you truly are is that you become a more effective leader in all areas of your life. In your family, in your relationships, in your business, in your community.

There is a massive amount of clarity and personal power that is tied up and unavailable to you when you have unresolved negative past experiences. Using Time Line Therapy ™ and taking action turns the memories of those past experiences into sources of learning and power.

And you can use Time Line Therapy ™ to create a bright and compelling future that aligns your Conscious and Unconscious Mind to produces the results that deep down, you have been waiting to create.

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How will Time Line Therapy™ Benefit Me?

This is a great question to ask! By making the investment into attending our Time Line Therapy™ Training and using the techniques,  your personal happiness and also your professional success will be far more more consistent, and much more predictable. You will also see that your effectiveness in working with other people will also be dramatically increased. You will also notice that your ability to empower yourself for the optimum results you are seeking will be enhanced too. Time Line Therapy™ Training  teaches you to eliminate any negative emotions or limiting decisions, identify and then change those limiting beliefs, motivate yourself with a compelling future that will have much better chances of coming true. You’ll be able to have Your Future By Design – instead of living life by default. Now that’s exciting!

From a career perspective, whether you are already successful in your profession, or facing some challenges, or moving into a new role, Time Line Therapy™ Training can assist you achieve, maintain and enhance excellence.

Managers and Entrepreneurs use the information in Time Line Therapy™ Training to cultivate strong teamwork and relationships, and to build positive interpersonal skills. Time Line Therapy™ Training shows you how to operate in a solution-oriented, win-win approach.

Sales People learn from Time Line Therapy™ Training how to overcome limiting decisions or negative emotions like fear of cold calling or fear of rejection. Being free of all of that  means that the sales person can increase their performance, setting goals in such a way that happen and ultimately dramatically increase their results.

Trainers and Educators learn at Time Line Therapy™ Training new concepts for inspiring and motivating their students, as well as extremely effective methods for dealing with challenging learning environments.

Mental Health Professionals learn on Time Line Therapy™ Training new ways and new skills that complement their existing skill-set and they also gain additional resourceful insights into assisting their clients to  make the changes that support their own process of healing.

Medical Professionals learn at Time Line Therapy™ Training processes to enhance the elicitation of information from their clients, and to then assist the client be more comfortable with and receptive to treatment, therefore supporting them to heal in a more responsive manner.

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The Secret of Having Your Future by Design

The Secret of Having Your Future By Design™ using NLP and Time Line Therapy™

Just Imagine now that you can design your future for happiness, health and success!
How would you like to become the person that you truly want to be….

• Create an abundant Financial Future
• Guarantee Business and Career Goals
• Easily Develop Successful Relationships
• Improve Your Health & Fitness
• Get Rid of All Your Doubts
• Ensure Yourself the Winning Attitude
• Understand What it is that You Truly Want in Life
• Awaken the Power of Your Higher Consciousness

Well we are here to show you with the power of NLP and Time Line Therapy™ that you can easily create all that you want….by simply attend our Your Future By Design Weekend Seminar

What makes our Your Future By Design™ weekend seminar so incredible? You may ask!

The Your Future By Design™ process wich include NLP and Time Line Therapy™ have the power to transforms the way you think. It will assist you to easily remove what prevents you from having, doing or changing what you want. It is now time to break free from those old habitual patterns, all of your limiting beliefs, limiting decisions and conflicting values can be eliminated in one weekend, giving you the ability to make new choices about yourself and about the kind of life that you want.

What results will you achieve from attending this seminar?

  • You will learn valuable life skills to create lasting change that include how to…
  • Gain insights that will allow you to get back in touch with your dream life
  • Eliminate forever the negative emotions that prevent you from having what you desire in your life
  • Imagine now as you learn how to let go of sadness from the past, so that can truly experience your joy for living.
  • Let go of all anger to ensure you greater personal control and well being
  • Have the feeling of total emotional freedom and inspiration for the future
  • Release the past fears and step up into your personal power
  • Get rid of the destructive power that guilt holds over you
  • Have the clarity to enable you to make the right decisions for your glorious future
  • Be totally motivated to drive your passion for living
  • Discover our proven strategy for setting goals….a system that really works!

Learn the secrets of NLP and Time Line Therapy™ and Reinvent yourself with a new found energy to propel yourself into Your Future By Design™. Check out our Schedule of Events

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