How to Become a Great Time Line Therapy® Practitioner

Time Line Therapy® Practitioner

Time Line Therapy® Practitioner

With any great skill that you have learned, you actually went through this 4 stage process. By consciously having an awareness of this process you can ensure that you become masterful at it and that will ensure you are a magnificent Time Line Therapy ® Practitioner.

First of all there is unconscious incompetence, you don’t know what you don’t know, this is followed by conscious incompetence, you now know what you don’t know, with practice you will quickly attain the level of conscious competence. At this stage you utilise consciously and competently what you now know and finally one morning without warning you will have reached unconscious competence, where you simply and elegantly flow in a completely unconscious way. Think about when you first learnt to drive a car, there seemed like a thousand things to pay attention to all at one time, and remember if you can the first time you jumped in the car, drove off down the road and then suddenly realised that everything was being done for you by your unconscious mind.

Awe of Expectancy
Make sure you present a professional, confident capable persona to your clients at all times, when they believe that you are a Masterful Time Line Therapy ® Practitioner then you will be to them a masterful  Time Line Therapy ® Practitioner.

Confident Consistent Correct Practice Equals MASTERY
If you want to learn something important then it is worth striving for expertise, you wouldn’t want to go to a brain surgeon who had just scraped through his brain surgery exams. Mastery comes with persistence and with learning from and incorporating all and any feedback. If it is worth doing then it is worth doing well.

The Pygmalion Effect
This refers to the fact that typically in life we manifest what we believe and what we expect. Robert Rosenthal and Lenore Jacobsen wrote a paper on their study of groups of students. A group of A grade students were given a teacher that had been told that her class were all no hopers, the bottom of the barrel, because of the teachers belief the students grades dropped dramatically. A group of F grade students were given to a teacher that had been told that her class were all gifted high achievers and again because of the teacher’s belief all of the student’s grades increased significantly.

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