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Anxiety – How to Get Rid of it with Time Line Therapy ™

Get rid of Anxiety with Time Line Therapy ™

Get rid of Anxiety with Time Line Therapy ™

Have you ever felt anxious about something? Often people report that when they feel anxiety it’s like their mind is running away with them. All their thoughts become really negative about the event that they feel anxious about. Anxiety causes them to start to use really negative self talk as well. Almost like they are convincing themselves that the event is going to go wrong or that they aren’t good enough which fuels the anxious feelings even further.

Other physical symptoms that are associated with anxiety are an increase in the persons heart rate or the rate of breathing, feeling light headed, shaking, sweating, tingling in the hands or feet.

From Time Line Therapy®, NLP & Hypnosis point of view, anxiety is one of two things. It’s either a warning from your unconscious mind that you focusing on what you don’t want to happen, ie the event going wrong in some way. OR you have not sufficiently prepared for the event.

How to Get Rid of Anxiety with Time Line Therapy ™

So in Time Line Therapy ™ we use The Anxiety Model to get rid of Anxiety. It’s a really easy technique that you can learn. The big picture is that the client imagines floating above their Time Line and into the future to a point after the successful completion of the event. When specific criteria are met, in every case the Anxiety disappears.

The key to your success is your focus. You have to learn how to train your thinking to focus on what you want because your focus is important. You can’t think about what you don’t what to think about without thinking about it. If you are going to invest a lot of your resources and time in doing something then you may as well enjoy it after all. With Time Line Therapy ™ it is easy to let go of anxiety and fully enjoy your life.

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Time Line Therapy ® and the Ageing Process

Time Line Therapy ® and the Ageing Process

We have discovered that with Time Line Therapy ®, people can enjoy all the benefits of emotional stability and well being. Plus those who have used Time Line Therapy to let go of negative emotions from the past also report they find it easier to navigate and resolve interpersonal disagreements compared to individuals who have no knowledge of Time Line Therapy ®.

With Time Line Therapy ® our clients and students tell us it’s easier to focus on positive outcomes and overcome any obstacles because they can think with clarity. Which means a reduction in stress and therefore this has a dramatic effect in reducing the signs of ageing.

Time Line Therapy ®

Time Line Therapy ®

Indeed, using Time Line Therapy ® in later life can be extremely useful as research has shown that older adults who don’t have these emotional resources available to them, can find it harder to bounce back from a negative event than a younger adult. Researchers tried to create a negative mood in their participants, older adults reacted with stronger emotions than younger persons. They also discovered older adults react to films about loss with greater negativity than younger people.

A recent study by Streubel and Kunzmann (2011) suggests that emotional arousal is a factor that needs more attention in ageing research. As well as a focus on positive and negative emotions and ageing, they also suggested that a focus on the strength of emotions would be useful.

Changes in emotions with age are complex. Reactions in the moment can be a result of unresolved negative emotions from the past. Older adulthood is not simply a time of emotional well-being and tranquility. Negative emotions need to be taken care of because of the toxicity that they create in the body.  Time Line Therapy ® provides a proven method for resolving negative emotions from the past and then creating a resourceful mindset for the present and the future.


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