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Language & Time – Time Line Therapy ™

We know from NLP the importance of language and how our words affect our brains. We respond to language at a deep unconscious level which is why having a solid grasp of language is important for any Time Line Therapy ® Practitioner.

In fact how we describe events and our life experiences programs our brains with a representation of the event and then we respond accordingly. We gauge our experiences using language ie we use our words to label all our life events.

So let’s take a look at how subtle changes in our choice of language can change our thinking.

Just for a moment think about a time when you were driving.
The construction of that sentence is likely to cause you to think of a moving picture which is associated. Ie you are looking through your own eyes. Try this, what happens if I ask you to think about about a time when you took a drive, probably the picture is a still and you’re disassociated ie you can see yourself in the picture. So the choice of words has taken the movement out of the memory. So, do both sentences mean the same thing?

Now let’s explore another temporal shift. Give this a go, think of a time when you will have taken a drive.
Interesting isn’t it? That you can orient another person in time and influence their thinking with your choice of words. All communication will do something and having a conscious understanding of language means that you can communicate towards the desired outcome. This is a skill that is important in management, parenting, relationships, sales and coaching and therapy.

Consider a client who is seeking help from 2 different therapists to overcome depression.
The first therapist says to the client, “Oh, so you have felt depressed? Is that how you have been feeling?”
The second therapist says to the client, “So you feel depressed? What are the things that will make you feel depressed?”
The first therapist has put the problem in the past and disassociated the client. While the second therapist has associated the client and then put the problem into the clients future. Yikes! I think I know which of these two therapists I’d rather book in with!!

This just gives you a flavour of how we influence other people with our language in ways that are usually out of our awareness.
This set of skills is essential for any Time line Therapy ® Practitioner and is particularly useful in taking a detailed personal history from the client as well as understanding how the Time Line Therapy ® process is so effective and the mechanics of the Time Line Therapy ® script.

Now, as you consider how effective and influential your communication can be ….. And you glance back with these new insights on what you used to do before you changed….what was it like to have been like that….and what action did you take to change….as you read this now

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