Mind Body Connection is very important from a Time Line Therapy ™ Perspective

Way back in ancient times, the people didn’t specifically talk about the mind body connection because it was a given, it was simply a way of life. The thinking of these ancient cultures was similar with the thinking that exists in today’s modern, Western world, in that our Unconscious Mind is responsible for the running of and preserving the physical body. However they didn’t believe that physical issues or aliments are caused by something just going wrong only within the physiology.

This wisdom is very important from an Time Line Therapy ™ perspective. Drawing on this ancient knowledge that would say that physical body and or functions of the physical body may go awry due to the because of the mixed up messages that we give the Unconscious Mind. Here’s an example, we may say something like, “I’m going to be healthy, I can be healthy” and then we eat unhealthy foods. Or we may say that we want to be energised but we don’t take time to rest. So we give the Unconscious Mind contradictory messages and it may stop working properly because it will follow the message that is the easiest. It may even start to create malfunctions because of the confusion. From this viewpoint, here we have the basis of all physiological dis-ease (not including germs or viruses or ageing). Dis-ease cannot be explained or put right only on the physical.

In Time Line Therapy ™ we assume an integrated approach in our teaching, as the ancient cultures did, knowing that the mind, emotions and spirit are not separate from the body.

More recently and this is also important for Time Line Therapy ™ (and also NLP, Hypnosis and NLP Coaching) neuroscience has shown, input to your senses, including commands from your Conscious Mind, creates an electrical impulse. As soon as that electrical impulse reaches the end of a neural pathway, its releases a chemical. Research has shown that this chemical is then picked up by every cell in your body. As Deepak Chopra puts it “Every cell in your body is eavesdropping on your internal dialogue.” So what’s important from this discussion is that every thought you think, impacts every cell in your body. From a Time Line Therapy ™ perspective, we should then ask ourselves, “What am I creating in my head and what chemicals are those thoughts releasing, filtering into my physical body?”

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