Time Line Therapy® and Your Unconscious Mind

Time Line Therapy® and Your Unconscious Mind

In the context of Time Line Therapy ®, the “unconscious mind” is representative of everything that you are not consciously aware of right now. In fact your unconscious mind is a very important facet of who you are because it’s your unconscious mind that’s in charge of running your body. It keeps you heart beating, your food to be digested, hormones to be released and regulated, you eyes to blink, for you to continue to breath. It performs SO many tasks because it would be impossible for you to do them all consciously.

In this first article about your unconscious mind we are going to take a look at how it is the source of all learning, all behaviour and all change.

LEARNING: It’s not your conscious mind that is the part of you that learns, it is your unconscious mind. It’s not immediately obvious and you may have thought that you learned consciously in the past. It’s true that your learning has to go through your conscious mind……it’s your unconscious mind that remembers everything. Everything have you have learned is in your unconscious mind.

Think about all the things you have ever learned. Can you remember the things that you learned in school? For example, how many degrees are in a right angle?  That’s right, the answer is 90 degrees. Now until that was mentioned you probably were not consciously remembering “90 degrees, 90 degrees….there are 90 degrees in a right angle”. You probably were not doing that! When you were asked the question the answer came from your unconscious mind. Consider if you had to remember all the phone numbers you know consciously, there wouldn’t be enough room for anything else, would there? So all learning takes place at the unconscious level. For example, you know your home phone number, don’t you? Say it to yourself now……… Now before you were thinking of your home phone number, where was it? It’s stored somewhere that you are not conscious of, it’s stored in your unconscious mind. The part of your mind that you are not conscious of, right now. Everything that you have ever learned resides in your unconscious mind.

BEHAVIOUR: Our behaviour is unconscious. For example moving your arm is an unconscious process. Did you know that there are 159 muscles between the tip of your fingers and your shoulder blade? You couldn’t control all them consciously. You may have a conscious thought to pick up a glass of water from the desk but the process of controlling the movement of the muscles in your arm to achieve that desired outcome is done unconsciously. You just do it.

How about this, the last time you drove to work, how conscious of it were you? Do you remember the whole journey or just parts of it or none of it at all?

All of our behaviour gets relegated to the unconscious. The way we respond to people, the way we create things or don’t create things and the way we interfere in the process called life….and that process is all behaviour and all behaviour is unconscious.

CHANGE: Think about a bad habit you wanted to change in the past. Was it easy? Probably not. For most people they find it hard to change a bad habit. For them it’s something that takes time to achieve. I remember a time in the past when I thought I’m going to give up eating biscuits and one day I said right, I’m not going to eat biscuits anymore. Within about 10 minutes I was eating them again!

In the real world, change isn’t always that easy. Lots of people go on doing the same old things over and over again, year after year, repeating the same cycle and they complain about it. If change isn’t that easy for us, it simply means that we are out of rapport with our unconscious mind. In the real world people are frequently out of rapport with the unconscious mind, and that is the reason that change isn’t that easy for them.

Your unconscious mind wants rapport and it looks up to your conscious mind like a 5 or 6 or 7 year old niece or nephew might look up to you. Your unconscious mind would really like to be in rapport with your conscious mind.  It wants your direction and support, and it would like to do what you asked if it only knew how. If you are not feeling like there is rapport between your unconscious and conscious mind, it might be that you are giving confusing and conflicting messages to your conscious mind.

Let’s take a look at this concept a bit further. Did you know that your unconscious mind cannot process a negatives? In fact, this is also true for the conscious mind too. Don’t think about a blue tree. What are you thinking about? Unless you were semantically trained, you are probably thinking about a blue tree, even though I said don’t think about a blue tree. You can’t think about what you don’t want to think about, without thinking about it. Think about that!!!

So most people go through life and maybe they get into a new relationship and they say something like, “Oh, I hope she doesn’t leave me” or “I hope I don’t get hurt again.” Or maybe they go to work and they say, “I hope the boss doesn’t yell at me.” or how about the sales consultant who starts the day by saying “I hope I don’t miss my target today.” ??

So what is likely to happen? Are they going to do that? If that becomes the reality of the situation, it’s probably becuase they are sending the wrong signal to their unconscious mind. If it is the wrong signal, it is because the unconscious mind cannot process a negative within it. Remember you can’t think about what you don’t want to think about, without thinking about it.

In the next part of Time Line Therapy® and Your Unconscious Mind we are going to take a look more at how to facilitate communication between the conscious and the unconscious minds.

Understanding Time Line Therapy ™ techniques

time line therapy

time line therapy (tm)

Let’s talk about your Time Line which is how your Unconscious Mind encodes and stores all of your memories.  This is how you know the difference between a past memory, and a future memory.

The concept of your Time Line is for the most part, an unconsious process. It’s like when you remember your home phone number or your date of birth, you may be more or less aware of it from time to time.

Now for the first time in history, with the Time Line Therapy™ techniques, we have a technology for resolving “the stuff” from the past which is in alignment with how the unconscious mind already operates.  Plus we also a way to release the negative emotions on those memories easily and quickly in a content free way.

In releasing the negative emotions from the person’s past memories, this has a dramatic impact on their behaviour. Think about it for a moment. What would it be like for you, if we released all of the anger (for example) on your past memories, whilst preserving the positive learnings from those events, so you could use those learnings in the future.  Or how about releasing the sadness, fear, hurt, gulit or any other negative emotion? How much better would your life be? What would that allow you to do?

Next, what if you could go back and re-do any old decision that you made in the past, and decide it in a new way — a way that supported who you want to be now? Then, what if we could have every event in the past be re-evaluated in such a new way as to support the way you wanted to be now? The wonderful thing about utilising Time Line Therapy ™, is that we also have the ability to re-evaluate our past, and change any decision which limits us. That’s useful. Because to a certain extent, how we behave now and our behaviour in the present is guided by the decisions that we have made in the past. That’s both decisions that have been made consciously and also decisions that have been made unconsciously. Our decisions are stored in our Time Line, and through our Time Line and using Time Line Therapy ™,  we can gain access to them.

Finally, what if you had a reliable and proven way to design and create your future the way you wanted it. What if you actually have that thing or event happen? The processes for designing and creating your future in Time Line Therapy ™,  are as powerful as the processes for releasing negative emotions, and getting rid of limiting decisions.

These three techniques comprise the major techniques of Time Line Therapy™ as it it taught today. Now is the time to free yourself from the bonds of negative emotions and limiting decisions and create the future the way you want it. Plus as a Time Line Therapy ™ Practitioner or Master Practitioner you can assist others to do the same.

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Schedule of Events

Time Line Therapy ™ Schedule of Events  2018

Time Line Therapy

Time Line Therapy ™

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2018 Time Line Therapy® Practitioner  Certification Training

Time Line Therapy™ is recognized as the one of the most effective tools in creating fast, long-lasting changes in behaviour, enabling you to take control of your life, design and create the future that you want. Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner Certification Training you will learn how to:

  • Remove negative emotions, self limiting beliefs and decisions
  • Remove the internal blocks that are preventing you from reaching your true potential
  • Understand what you really want, get motivated and stay motivated

Time Line Therapy™ will also enable you to create the kind of future you really want:

  • Understand how you internally store time and how to design and create the future for results you want
  • Use S-M-A-R-T criteria and learn the keys to an achievable outcome so that you achieve your goals
  • Learn cutting edge visualisation techniques so that your future becomes more compelling, exciting and motivating for you

** If you already have a recognised NLP Practitioner Certification then you can book onto one of these weekend courses to become a Certified Time Line Therapy ™ Practitioner. If you have not yet studied NLP then please scroll down for details on these courses that included all certifications **

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Woking, Surrey                28 – 29 March 2018         Colin McKay
Guildford, Surrey            28 – 29 April 2018            Colin McKay
Woking, Surrey                27 – 28 June 2018            Colin McKay


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2018 Time Line Therapy® Master Practitioner  Certification Training

Talk to experts in these amazing techniques, you’ll be achieving your certification from Trainers who are Masters in this modality. The topics you’ll cover will include:

  • Taking a Detailed Personal History
  • Releasing negative emotions like anger,sadness, fear and guilt from the past
  • How to complete breakthrough session with your client, tailored for business, therapy or in education
  • Eliminating limiting decisions and beliefs with advanced explanation
  • Understand what creates anxiety and how to let it go
  • The Creating Your Future® techniques
  • How to use Time Line Therapy® techniques to assist clients in accelerating their personal evolution
  • Taking part in facilitating and receiving a minimum 5 hour personal breakthrough session
  • Relationship paradigm
  • Pain paradigm for getting rid of chronic pain
  • Creating a practice and how to select clients

Get total control of your life

  • Discover how to reveal hidden unconscious patterns and internal blocks – in  yourself and for others
  • Learn Past Life Regression techniques
  • Get rid of unwanted emotions that continue to bother you
  • Understand the connections between your emotions and healing your body

Design and then create the future you really want

  • Understand how your focus is creating your future
  • Know the difference between Certainty and Hope
  • Eliminate limiting decisions and beliefs
  • Learn how to master visualising your future, so it’s the most compelling & motivating for you

Location                                Date                               Trainers

Woking, Surrey                        14 -28 July 2017                        Colin McKay

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Approved by the Time Line Therapy Association

Approved by the Time Line Therapy Association


At Mind Training Systems we guarantee you not only a life changing training experience but you get a lifetime of support from our in house coaching staff for FREE, whether it’s for personal development, career advancement or a springboard into the coaching and therapy profession, NOW is the time, no more waiting, no more missing out, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OUTSTANDING OPPORTUNITY TODAY simply call the office and book your seat now.

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2018 FasTrak NLP Practitioner 4 Certifications in 1 Training

Including NLP, Time Line Therapy™, Hypnosis and NLP Coaching Certification

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Woking, Surrey               March 2018    Colin McKay
Woking, Surrey                June 2018           Colin McKay

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2018 NLP Master Practitioner 5 Certifications in 1 Training

NLP, Time Line Therapy™, Hypnosis, NLP Master Coaching Certification & Coaching Values Instrument™ Certification

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Woking, Surrey                       July 2018              Colin McKay


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