The Secret of Having Your Future By Design™ using NLP and Time Line Therapy™

Just Imagine now that you can design your future for happiness, health and success!
How would you like to become the person that you truly want to be….

• Create an abundant Financial Future
• Guarantee Business and Career Goals
• Easily Develop Successful Relationships
• Improve Your Health & Fitness
• Get Rid of All Your Doubts
• Ensure Yourself the Winning Attitude
• Understand What it is that You Truly Want in Life
• Awaken the Power of Your Higher Consciousness

Well we are here to show you with the power of NLP and Time Line Therapy™ that you can easily create all that you want….by simply attend our Your Future By Design Weekend Seminar

What makes our Your Future By Design™ weekend seminar so incredible? You may ask!

The Your Future By Design™ process wich include NLP and Time Line Therapy™ have the power to transforms the way you think. It will assist you to easily remove what prevents you from having, doing or changing what you want. It is now time to break free from those old habitual patterns, all of your limiting beliefs, limiting decisions and conflicting values can be eliminated in one weekend, giving you the ability to make new choices about yourself and about the kind of life that you want.

What results will you achieve from attending this seminar?

  • You will learn valuable life skills to create lasting change that include how to…
  • Gain insights that will allow you to get back in touch with your dream life
  • Eliminate forever the negative emotions that prevent you from having what you desire in your life
  • Imagine now as you learn how to let go of sadness from the past, so that can truly experience your joy for living.
  • Let go of all anger to ensure you greater personal control and well being
  • Have the feeling of total emotional freedom and inspiration for the future
  • Release the past fears and step up into your personal power
  • Get rid of the destructive power that guilt holds over you
  • Have the clarity to enable you to make the right decisions for your glorious future
  • Be totally motivated to drive your passion for living
  • Discover our proven strategy for setting goals….a system that really works!

Learn the secrets of NLP and Time Line Therapy™ and Reinvent yourself with a new found energy to propel yourself into Your Future By Design™. Check out our Schedule of Events

Call our office for more information on +44 (0) 1483 211 222

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