Time Line Therapy ® was developed in the 1980’s by Dr Tad James. Time Line Therapy ®  is an easy to follow step by step process that allows people to release any inappropriate emotional responses. Fundamentally, fear comes from your unconscious mind which is why is doesn’t seem rational or to make sense, logically. Your unconscious mind functions on feelings and intuitions rather than logic. Time Line Therapy ® works in conjunction with your unconscious mind through the guided process by your conscious mind.

Fear works in this way, you become afraid of something after it has happened. Before it happened, you couldn’t have predicted how you would respond. Fear is only one potential response to what happened. When you anticipate an event of a similar nature occurring again, you are projecting fear out into the future. Essentially, anticipating fear, based on a previous experience.

Have you ever been in a situation, or heard of someone who was in a situation that was dangerous and they came out of the situation feeling relieved that they were safe? Immediately after the event, you were OK. It was only sometime later, when you went to recall the event that you had been through that you noticed the feelings of fear. That is how fear is supposed to work, to make you aware to avoid that situation in the future.

Time Line Therapy ® and utilising our time line gives us a clear understanding of how we code time. Your time line is like an imaginary line that connects all of the events in your life in the order and sequence to which they have happened or will happen. In your imagination you can travel anywhere in time you wish. You can recall what you did last week or where you went for your last holiday or what your favourite teacher at school looked like when you were a child. You can even recall the sound of your all time favourite song and you can also explore numerous exciting opportunities out in the future.

You have total flexibility investigating time in this manner. For most individuals their memories are stored chronologically and represented as a continuous line.

When it comes to fear like, “fear of public speaking” or “stage fright” or “performance anxiety” or whatever fear based problem the person has. Logically, there has to be a first event at some point in the individuals time line and from that point they have learned to be afraid of speaking in public or being in the situation which triggers fear. If there wasn’t a first event then the person wouldn’t know to get frightened. Generally, people are not born with fear of public speaking or stage fright. Many kids love presenting and performing in front of an audience it’s only sometime later that they develop the fear.

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