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Time Line Therapy™

Currently we live in a world that is obsessed with labels and stereotypes.

People are defined by their appearance, their academic achievements, their job, by how much money they have (or don’t have). They are stereotyped according to where they shop, what clothes and brands they wear, who their friends are, what car they drive etc etc.

As a Time Line Therapy ™ Practitioner you will understand how on a deeper level, individuals know what they want to be, what they want to do and what they want to have. Yet many people realise they have the potential to achieve those goals and dreams.

In our Time Line Therapy ™ training we talk about people’s comfort zone and how sometimes it’s easy to remain in that space, it’s safe because it conforms with what’s expected of that individual. They are supported by well meaning people around them to stay stuck where they are. Yet if the person wants to make a change, they have to change something and that means stepping out of that comfort zone.

The application of Time Line Therapy ™ is to empower the individual to be able to tap into their hidden, inner resources to give them the strength and drive to create the change. This means that with Time Line Therapy ™ you can design and create your life, the way you want it to be.

We run a special program for existing NLP Practitioners / Master Practitioners who would like to become certifed as a Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner / Master Practitioner.

Plus for those people who want to become certified as a Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner AND a NLP Practitioner we have an advanced training available. This is a comprehensive and complete program that includes certification at the Practitioner level in NLP, Time Line Therapy™, Hypnosis and NLP Coaching. 4 certifications in a 7 day live training including an extensive pre-course study kit.

We also offer Personal BreakThrough Sessions and 1to1 Time Line Therapy ™ sessions.

If you have any questions about the above options that are available to you please contact our office on +44(0)1483 211 222

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