Time Line Therapy ® – Release Your Emotion Baggage

I think it’s true to say that in the world we live in today, people are likely to experience some emotional baggage that is linked to their past. Some of these concerns or emotional burdens we are able to gain resolution on for ourselves and they disappear. Some other emotional concerns people will “try” to live with and then there is the emotional baggage that has a major impact on your life that makes you feel stuck and unable to proceed the way you want to.

Time Line Therapy ® is a safe, fast, easy and proven way of eliminating negative emotional impediments which means that the individual is free from that old emotional burden. With all of that gone, they then can move forward, to live a happier more fulfilling life with a new found emotional freedom.

Negative emotions if left unchecked, will affect your perceptions of what’s going on around you, cause you to react and behave differently and create emotional sticking points throughout your life. Plus they deplete your energy levels and are toxic to the body.

You can gain total emotional freedom with Time Line Therapy ® eliminating long held negative perspectives and releasing habitual, old, negative thought patterns. Creating space to be able to replace them with new, supportive, empowering, positive ones instead.

Time Line Therapy ® will allow you to alter your perspective and the view that you have of yourself, of other people and of your life in general. Step out of those old, unsupportive ways of thinking to create a new and empowered way of being in it’s place.

Time Line Therapy ® gives you the power to dig out the roots of your long standing negative thoughts so that you can replace them with positive, new and realistic ways of thinking, feeling, acting.

To find out more about Time Line Therapy ® Training call our office on +44(0) 1483 211 222


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