Time Line Therapy® – Why Get Rid of Negative Emotions?

What’s so important about getting rid of negative emotions with Time Line Therapy ®.

Certainly individuals are now waking up to the impact that negative emotions have on their physical form. It’s been documented by the medical community the correlation that has been identified with the increased risk of heart attacks due to unresolved anger from the past. Of course our health is important and it’s also interesting how, left unchecked, negative emotions can have a dramatic influence on how we perform day to day, even in our careers.

Take for example the Sales Consultant, he wants to make more money, he dreams about it, he knows how to sell, he’s had all the right training – it should be easy. BUT if he has a fear of asking for the sale, that’s going to be a problem. That negative emotion of fear is going to cause him to not perform at his best. However with Time Line Therapy ® it’s an easy process to get rid of that negative emotion of fear and any limiting decisions or beliefs and therefore the Sales Consultant will be able to close more sales and generate more money.

Time Line Therapy ® Get rid of negative emotions and live a happier life

Time Line Therapy ® Get rid of negative emotions and live a happier life

Now imagine someone who get hurt in a past relationship and they carry that hurt with them into their next relationship with the decision that, “I’m never going to get hurt like that again.” The problem in this scenario is that the negative emotion (hurt) and the limiting decision will create negative focus in the next relationship, probably unconsciously. So the individual’s unconscious thought process will cause them to act and behave in certain ways and that will probably create problems in their new relationship. Very often when this cycle repeats itself, the individuals relationship end in the same way, time after time. To break the cycle and create a successful relationship, the individual needs to let go of the negative emotions from the past and the limiting decisions and this easy to do with Time Line Therapy ®.

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