Change Yourself & You Will Change Others with Time Line Therapy ®

 Time Line Therapy™

Time Line Therapy™

Just suppose their was a mirror that reflected all of your negative traits and suppose you smashed that mirror and it broke into a 1000 pieces. Each one of those 1000 pieces reflecting back to you a negative aspect of your character traits. Suppose those 1000 pieces were scattered far and wide, so matter where you went you’d keep stumbling upon at least one of them.

You see, the things you perceive as negatives, the people, events, situations, the challenges you face, the things that you say are wrong about other people are just pieces of that mirror. With each fragment representing a different aspect of your own character. When you create a change in that particular aspect of your character then the fragment of mirror will reflect this transformation.

When you create a transformation using Time Line Therapy ® then you will begin to see the positive aspects in other people and situations will begin to change for the better.

Please remember that everything is in your life for a reason and that reason is that it’s an opportunity for YOU to transform. NOW is the time to stop wasting your energy finding fault with other people and with circumstances. You certainly cannot fix yourself by breaking someone else!

You have to start your transformation from within and a proven way to achieve this is with Time Line Therapy ®.

All of the Negative Traits That You see in Others Are Just a Reflection of Your Own Negative Traits. Only by Changing Yourself Can You Change Others.

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