The Time Line

For decades psychologists been united in agreement that it’s our past experiences in life that determine how we behave, how we relate to the world and determine the basis of our personality – who we are. How you store memories affects how you are experiencing life and how you experience time.

As we journey through life, our memories are stored and recorded and become more and more influential. In fact your Time Line is how the brain codes and stores your memories. This explains how you know the difference between a past memory and a future one. Almost everyone stores time in a linear way and how they store it makes a difference. With Time Line Therapy® you can, for the first time, gain access to your memories in a short time for the purpose of creating change. In creating change to a significant number of an individual’s memories, this will have a major influence on that person’s personality.

Plus how you act and how you behave is effected by decisions that you’ve made in the past. Whether these decisions were made consciously or unconsciously, they are influential in your success and when things don’t go quite so well. Interestingly, your decisions are also stored in your Time Line and using Time Line Therapy® you can gain access to them and create change.

Time Line Therapy™ – Discover emotional freedom and real empowerment. Enjoy all the benefits of being free from the past and design the future….the way you want it.

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