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Anxiety – How to Get Rid of it with Time Line Therapy ™

Get rid of Anxiety with Time Line Therapy ™

Get rid of Anxiety with Time Line Therapy ™

Have you ever felt anxious about something? Often people report that when they feel anxiety it’s like their mind is running away with them. All their thoughts become really negative about the event that they feel anxious about. Anxiety causes them to start to use really negative self talk as well. Almost like they are convincing themselves that the event is going to go wrong or that they aren’t good enough which fuels the anxious feelings even further.

Other physical symptoms that are associated with anxiety are an increase in the persons heart rate or the rate of breathing, feeling light headed, shaking, sweating, tingling in the hands or feet.

From Time Line Therapy®, NLP & Hypnosis point of view, anxiety is one of two things. It’s either a warning from your unconscious mind that you focusing on what you don’t want to happen, ie the event going wrong in some way. OR you have not sufficiently prepared for the event.

How to Get Rid of Anxiety with Time Line Therapy ™

So in Time Line Therapy ™ we use The Anxiety Model to get rid of Anxiety. It’s a really easy technique that you can learn. The big picture is that the client imagines floating above their Time Line and into the future to a point after the successful completion of the event. When specific criteria are met, in every case the Anxiety disappears.

The key to your success is your focus. You have to learn how to train your thinking to focus on what you want because your focus is important. You can’t think about what you don’t what to think about without thinking about it. If you are going to invest a lot of your resources and time in doing something then you may as well enjoy it after all. With Time Line Therapy ™ it is easy to let go of anxiety and fully enjoy your life.

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Time Line Therapy ® and the Ageing Process

Time Line Therapy ® and the Ageing Process

We have discovered that with Time Line Therapy ®, people can enjoy all the benefits of emotional stability and well being. Plus those who have used Time Line Therapy to let go of negative emotions from the past also report they find it easier to navigate and resolve interpersonal disagreements compared to individuals who have no knowledge of Time Line Therapy ®.

With Time Line Therapy ® our clients and students tell us it’s easier to focus on positive outcomes and overcome any obstacles because they can think with clarity. Which means a reduction in stress and therefore this has a dramatic effect in reducing the signs of ageing.

Time Line Therapy ®

Time Line Therapy ®

Indeed, using Time Line Therapy ® in later life can be extremely useful as research has shown that older adults who don’t have these emotional resources available to them, can find it harder to bounce back from a negative event than a younger adult. Researchers tried to create a negative mood in their participants, older adults reacted with stronger emotions than younger persons. They also discovered older adults react to films about loss with greater negativity than younger people.

A recent study by Streubel and Kunzmann (2011) suggests that emotional arousal is a factor that needs more attention in ageing research. As well as a focus on positive and negative emotions and ageing, they also suggested that a focus on the strength of emotions would be useful.

Changes in emotions with age are complex. Reactions in the moment can be a result of unresolved negative emotions from the past. Older adulthood is not simply a time of emotional well-being and tranquility. Negative emotions need to be taken care of because of the toxicity that they create in the body.  Time Line Therapy ® provides a proven method for resolving negative emotions from the past and then creating a resourceful mindset for the present and the future.


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Time Line Therapy® – Why Get Rid of Negative Emotions?

What’s so important about getting rid of negative emotions with Time Line Therapy ®.

Certainly individuals are now waking up to the impact that negative emotions have on their physical form. It’s been documented by the medical community the correlation that has been identified with the increased risk of heart attacks due to unresolved anger from the past. Of course our health is important and it’s also interesting how, left unchecked, negative emotions can have a dramatic influence on how we perform day to day, even in our careers.

Take for example the Sales Consultant, he wants to make more money, he dreams about it, he knows how to sell, he’s had all the right training – it should be easy. BUT if he has a fear of asking for the sale, that’s going to be a problem. That negative emotion of fear is going to cause him to not perform at his best. However with Time Line Therapy ® it’s an easy process to get rid of that negative emotion of fear and any limiting decisions or beliefs and therefore the Sales Consultant will be able to close more sales and generate more money.

Time Line Therapy ® Get rid of negative emotions and live a happier life

Time Line Therapy ® Get rid of negative emotions and live a happier life

Now imagine someone who get hurt in a past relationship and they carry that hurt with them into their next relationship with the decision that, “I’m never going to get hurt like that again.” The problem in this scenario is that the negative emotion (hurt) and the limiting decision will create negative focus in the next relationship, probably unconsciously. So the individual’s unconscious thought process will cause them to act and behave in certain ways and that will probably create problems in their new relationship. Very often when this cycle repeats itself, the individuals relationship end in the same way, time after time. To break the cycle and create a successful relationship, the individual needs to let go of the negative emotions from the past and the limiting decisions and this easy to do with Time Line Therapy ®.

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Change Yourself & You Will Change Others with Time Line Therapy ®

 Time Line Therapy™

Time Line Therapy™

Just suppose their was a mirror that reflected all of your negative traits and suppose you smashed that mirror and it broke into a 1000 pieces. Each one of those 1000 pieces reflecting back to you a negative aspect of your character traits. Suppose those 1000 pieces were scattered far and wide, so matter where you went you’d keep stumbling upon at least one of them.

You see, the things you perceive as negatives, the people, events, situations, the challenges you face, the things that you say are wrong about other people are just pieces of that mirror. With each fragment representing a different aspect of your own character. When you create a change in that particular aspect of your character then the fragment of mirror will reflect this transformation.

When you create a transformation using Time Line Therapy ® then you will begin to see the positive aspects in other people and situations will begin to change for the better.

Please remember that everything is in your life for a reason and that reason is that it’s an opportunity for YOU to transform. NOW is the time to stop wasting your energy finding fault with other people and with circumstances. You certainly cannot fix yourself by breaking someone else!

You have to start your transformation from within and a proven way to achieve this is with Time Line Therapy ®.

All of the Negative Traits That You see in Others Are Just a Reflection of Your Own Negative Traits. Only by Changing Yourself Can You Change Others.

Language and Time – Time Line Therapy ®

Language and Time – Time Line Therapy ®

Time Line Therapy ™

Language & Time – Time Line Therapy ™

We know from NLP the importance of language and how our words affect our brains. We respond to language at a deep unconscious level which is why having a solid grasp of language is important for any Time Line Therapy ® Practitioner.

In fact how we describe events and our life experiences programs our brains with a representation of the event and then we respond accordingly. We gauge our experiences using language ie we use our words to label all our life events.

So let’s take a look at how subtle changes in our choice of language can change our thinking.

Just for a moment think about a time when you were driving.
The construction of that sentence is likely to cause you to think of a moving picture which is associated. Ie you are looking through your own eyes. Try this, what happens if I ask you to think about about a time when you took a drive, probably the picture is a still and you’re disassociated ie you can see yourself in the picture. So the choice of words has taken the movement out of the memory. So, do both sentences mean the same thing?

Now let’s explore another temporal shift. Give this a go, think of a time when you will have taken a drive.
Interesting isn’t it? That you can orient another person in time and influence their thinking with your choice of words. All communication will do something and having a conscious understanding of language means that you can communicate towards the desired outcome. This is a skill that is important in management, parenting, relationships, sales and coaching and therapy.

Consider a client who is seeking help from 2 different therapists to overcome depression.
The first therapist says to the client, “Oh, so you have felt depressed? Is that how you have been feeling?”
The second therapist says to the client, “So you feel depressed? What are the things that will make you feel depressed?”
The first therapist has put the problem in the past and disassociated the client. While the second therapist has associated the client and then put the problem into the clients future. Yikes! I think I know which of these two therapists I’d rather book in with!!

This just gives you a flavour of how we influence other people with our language in ways that are usually out of our awareness.
This set of skills is essential for any Time line Therapy ® Practitioner and is particularly useful in taking a detailed personal history from the client as well as understanding how the Time Line Therapy ® process is so effective and the mechanics of the Time Line Therapy ® script.

Now, as you consider how effective and influential your communication can be ….. And you glance back with these new insights on what you used to do before you changed….what was it like to have been like that….and what action did you take to change….as you read this now

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R.I.P Negative Thinking with Time Line Therapy ®

RIP Negative thinking with Time Line Therapy ®

RIP Negative thinking with Time Line Therapy ®

That’s right, it’s time to say goodbye to negative thinking and get your mind straight so you can move towards your goals.

The problem with negative thinking and negative emotions is that they cause blocks in the flow of energy within your body and also if you are thinking about negative stuff then you are robbed of the ability to focus on what you want. Ie your goals and outcomes. Have you ever been in a position where you had a dream and the fear of failing to achieve it stopped you from pursuing it altogether? It’s a common experience.

Not only that, here’s another problem with having stored up negative emotions and thinking – it have a profound and often unconscious influence on how you communicate with other people. Have you ever been in the position where someone said something and you thought whoa that was a bit harsh and then the person apologises and says something like, “Sorry, I didn’t mean it to come out like that.” Most people have either been on the receiving end of such an interaction or been the cause of it.

And you’ll know yourself that a negative emotion or a negative thought, isn’t exactly an enjoyable experience. It doesn’t light you up with joy!

So in my mind there’s lots of benefits to getting rid of negative thinking and negative emotions, for the purpose of feeling great about life, for restoring the flow of energy within our body and because it allows you to focus on taking action towards your goals and outcomes.

So the question is, how do you let go of negative emotions and negative thinking? The answer is Time Line Therapy ®. It’s an easy to understand and proven process that works in conjunction with how our minds process and store information. To find out more download a copy of our FREE Time Line Therapy ® E-book now.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the insights that you’ll discover in our FREE Time Line Therapy ® E-book
An Introduction to Time Line Therapy ®
An Introduction to Negative Emotions
An Introduction to Limiting Decisions
An Introduction to Designing & Creating Your Future
The Creator of Time Line Therapy ™ Techniques, Dr Tad James & his wife Dr Adriana James
Who books our Time Line Therapy ® Certification Training

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Time Line Therapy ® E Book to Download

Welcome to the Time Line Therapy Training ® page

Time Line Therapy ® Ebook

Time Line Therapy ® Ebook

Here you will find lots of useful information about Time Line Therapy ® techniques, so do have a good look around.

Here is the link to the FREE Time Line Therapy ® E book, which you or (if you are a Coach or Therapist) your client may find useful.

This is only available for a short time, so go ahead and download your copy now

FREE Time Line Therapy ® E book

I know that it’s at this time of year that many of us start mapping out the year ahead. Looking at new courses and trainings that will be of benefit on a personal and also on a professional front too. So if Time Line Therapy ® Certification Training is a possibility for you then you might wish to check out the dates of the upcoming Time Line Therapy ® Certification Trainings. All of them are approved by the Time Line Therapy® Association.

Time Line Therapy ® Certification Practitioner Training

Location                                  Date                            Trainer

Woking, Surrey (nr London) 21 – 22 May 2016  Catherine Jackson

Woking, Surrey                        17 – 18 Sept 2016  Catherine Jackson

If you are interested in finding out more about our NLP Practitioner Certification Training that includes NLP, Time Line Therapy ®, Hypnosis & NLP Coaching then do please visit the Mind Training Systems webpage. As we now offer trainings with Expert MASTER Trainers of NLP

Time Line Therapy ® - Relationships & Leaving the Baggage Where it Belongs

Time Line Therapy ® – Relationships & Leaving the Baggage Where it Belongs

Time Line Therapy ® – Relationships & Leaving the Baggage Where it Belongs

Leaving history in the past is often much simpler than it sounds. It’s very common for an individual, during their adult life to still hear the negative messages from childhood about your own and others’ communication skills. These message are all too often reinforced in early relationships, because you unconsciously attract and choose a partner who fits your assumptions. What you end up with is unquestioned assumptions about other people’s communication abilities but also labels about your own communication style too.

Recognising these assumptions and labels gives you the power to rewrite them and to create a new dynamic for your relationship, rather than living within the prison of the past. The best way to do this is through using the proven modalities of NLP and Time Line Therapy ® either by attending one of our exciting trainings or by booking our life-changing Personal Break Through Program.

When you enter a new relationship, don’t assume that your current partner talks or listens in the same way as an ex did. All couple communications have both good and bad points, and as a couple you must commit to discovering each other’s communication styles and developing a new dynamic of your own.

Whatever your communication style was in the past – discover how to improve your communication style so that you can easily communicate in positive ways with your partner. Learning NLP and Time Line Therapy ® will allow you to do this easily and therefore you’ll be able to create a great relationship!

Time Line Therapy ® & A Mindset for Success

Time Line Therapy ® & A Mindset for Success

Time Line Therapy ®

Time Line Therapy ®

Let’s be honest, I think most of us have been faced with one challenge or another at some time in our lives. Certainly when you look around the world today there are many people confronting obstacles that would make your hair stand on end.

Recently we had a client that came to us for some Coaching and Time Line Therapy®. She reached a crisis point in her life, she’s just turned 40 and was convincing herself that her whole life was going downhill fast. After we finished the Coaching with this particular client, she told us that she had got some really profound learnings and that she’d been in a place, in her mind, where she was constantly feeling sorry for herself. That this state of mind had been stopping her achieving all that she wanted. Having used Time Line Therapy® to let go of the negative emotions and limiting decisions, she’s on track and achieving her goals and desired outcomes.

It’s interesting – your success come down to your mindset. Afterall, life is life. It’s not good or bad – it’s definitely what you make. What you decide you want it to be.

One trait that all successful people have is they have the ability to take action. Even if things don’t go as planned, they have to flexibility to do something else. But the key is…..they DO something. There really is only one way to create success and that’s to get up and make it happen. Our ability to take action comes from our thinking and our state of mind. If you are bogged down with negative emotions or you have beliefs that don’t support your efforts, then you must do something about that.Negative emotions and limiting decisions rob you of your focus and your ability to take action. Time Line Therapy ® is the answer.

It’s a valuable skillset for all Coaches to have in their toolkit too as it’s quick and effective. It allows you clients to get the results they want.

One of the amazing things that happens when you tap in the most positive, resourceful aspects of who you truly are is that you become a more effective leader in all areas of your life. In your family, in your relationships, in your business, in your community.

There is a massive amount of clarity and personal power that is tied up and unavailable to you when you have unresolved negative past experiences. Using Time Line Therapy ™ and taking action turns the memories of those past experiences into sources of learning and power.


Understanding Your Personal Power & Time Line Therapy®

Empowerment is a word that we here frequently these days. But what does it mean? In my mind empowerment is about an individual having full access to their own personal power and resources which allows them to take charge of creating all that they want in their lives. Empowerment is about taking responsibility for your own results. And that’s not just the good stuff, that’s also the not so good stuff and recognising that it’s all feedback and provides an opportunity to learn and development further.

Frequently people mistake the idea of responsibility as being the same as “fault” or “blame”.  Rather than pointing the finger at another person or indeed yourself trying to attribute blame or fault in some way.  Look at the experience that you’ve had and search for the meaning within it. What can you learn from the event. That’s being at cause.

Cause and effect is an important theme that we discuss in our  Time Line Therapy ® trainings. From a physical point of view cause and effect is very simple. Let’s take the example of a brick wall. If I bang my head against a brick wall, it’s going to hurt and every time I bang my head against the wall, my head is going to hurt. That’s cause and effect. Now, here’s where empowerment comes in through responsibility. Some individuals will see quite clearly they are the cause of the head banging. They can see that if they can interact with the wall in a different way and they will therefore get a different result. It’s possible that they can find a way over it, under it, around it or possibly through it because the head banging really hasn’t worked for them!

So what about the those people who remain on the effect side of the cause and effect equation? Well you’ll probably hear them say things like: “It’s not fair, why do I have to bang my head against the brick wall, I wish it would just disappear!” Or “The wall is just too big and it’s never going to go away, so I’m always going to have this headache!” Or “I can’t do anything about it, the wall has always been there for as long as I can remember.” Hmmmm can you relate to any of this?? The question is, in the various areas of your life, which side of the equation are you on cause or effect? Ie where are you open to creating change to improve your results (that’s being at cause) and where are you stuck with a brick wall or limitation (that’s being on the effect).

In most traditions and in Time Line Therapy ®, we teach that not only your actions but also your thoughts and your words have creative power as well. What you hold in your mind creates a result, so everything you think, everything you say and everything you do has consequence. This means that at some level you created everything that is in your world, everything that is around you. Knowing that you have caused this result, you realise that you can change it. And with Time Line Therapy ® you have additional power in that you can choose how you want to create events in the future. As you begin to own that power and realise that you can create your world exactly as you want it, your unconscious mind will accept your evaluation as truth and act accordingly.

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