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Time Line Therapy ® – Just Imagine

Time Line Therapy ®

Time Line Therapy ® – Just Imagine

Consider for a moment your life being free from all your past negative emotions and free from all those old limiting decisions from your past. Imagine your life free from not only negative emotions and limiting decisions but also from fixations and false identifications. As you think of that now, do you think it would be better for you to be free of those past negative emotions? I’m not saying that in the future you won’t experience negative emotions, I’m talking about being free from all the emotional baggage from the past. Would you like to be free from the past?

Would that have an effect on a part or all areas of your life?

In your own mind, can you decide why you would want to be free from your past negative emotions? What if you had a way to just let them go? What would it be like to be free from the prison of the past? What would it allow you to do?

With Time Line Therapy ®  techniques you can effectively and easily let of the baggage from the past.

In being free from the past, consider the future. Imagine in your mind, creating your future exactly as you want it to be. Imagine being able to think of something you want and then being able to create it. If you wanted to know what your life would be like 3 years from today, you would be able to find that out, in just a few minutes. What would it be like 3 years from today?

With Time Line Therapy ®  techniques you can design and create your future exactly the way you want it.

To discover more about Time Line Therapy ®  training or if you are interested in 1to1 sessions, please contact us and request information about our Time Line Therapy ® training program or 1to1 sessions with our expert Trainers and Master Practitioners.

Time Line Therapy ® is a registered trademark by Tad James

Time Line Therapy ® – Live Your Life to the Max!

Time Line Therapy ® – Live Your Life to the Max!

Emotional balance is the key to your success and with Time Line Therapy ® you can easily achieve that.

Your emotional well being, awareness of your emotions and your ability to deal with them makes the difference between for example, your career stagnating or even failing and your success and achievement. Having emotional balance and positive emotions are directly related to the ability to be productive, resourceful and effective. That’s why you need to harness the power of Time Line Therapy ® to ensure your success because it allows you to have total control over your emotional wellbeing.

If you want to live your life to the max, and really make the most of everyday then Time Line Therapy ® holds the answers that you having been looking for. With Time Line Therapy ® you can live your life the way you want it. The way it was meant to be! That’s really exciting! You can only achieve this by letting go of the stuff that leaves you feeling less than fulfilled and satisfied along with any negative emotions or limiting decisions or beliefs. Having done that, you are back in the driving seat and can create a compelling, bright future filled with all that you desire. Time Line Therapy ® brings you incredible freedom and opens up your choices and the possibility of what you can do.

What would you do with all of those limitations gone! What would have in your life? What type of person would you be? What would it allow you to do that you’ve always wanted to do?

Time Line Therapy ® – start living the life your deserve!

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Time Line Therapy™

Time Line Therapy™

Time Line Therapy® is the solution for Fear of Flying

Have you ever experienced anxiety about flying or maybe your know someone that has. It’s a common problem. It’s a bigger problem these days in business too, where more business men and women are required to travel across the globe to meet with perspective clients or to close new business deals. If you cannot fly because of a fear of flying you can restrict your career options and beyond that impoverish your lifestyle with fewer holiday options and visits to family members.

People all over the world suffer from this common problem or phobia. Many people who have a fear of flying also have a preconceive idea that the problem can never be changed and they are stuck with it for evermore! By the way that’s not true. The good news is that with Time Line Therapy ® you can quickly, effectively and safely let go of that old fear. That means you option up so many more options for yourself. Life becomes very exciting with lots of new choices when you utilise the benefits of Time Line Therapy ®.

Time Line Therapy ® techniques give you the means and the method to be able to resolve significant events from your past. The process is simple, easy to follow and is content free. Time Line Therapy ® is in total alignment with how your unconscious mind already functions. Time Line Therapy ® means that you acquire the capability to release the negative emotions on those memories easily and quickly, with volition.

It’s the sum total of all of your life experiences and the memories that you use to determine how you approach your life day to day. It’s “the stuff” from the past that stops you from achieving the results you want and that can keeps you less than fulfilled. You have got limitless potential and with Time Line Therapy ® you have the tools and techniques to extract your hidden talents and desires and then guide you to the resources you require to design and create a bright, compelling future.

To find out more about 1 to 1 Sessions or booking a Time Line Therapy ® training contact us here

Time Line Therapy ® & Fear

Time Line Therapy ® was developed in the 1980’s by Dr Tad James. Time Line Therapy ®  is an easy to follow step by step process that allows people to release any inappropriate emotional responses. Fundamentally, fear comes from your unconscious mind which is why is doesn’t seem rational or to make sense, logically. Your unconscious mind functions on feelings and intuitions rather than logic. Time Line Therapy ® works in conjunction with your unconscious mind through the guided process by your conscious mind.

Fear works in this way, you become afraid of something after it has happened. Before it happened, you couldn’t have predicted how you would respond. Fear is only one potential response to what happened. When you anticipate an event of a similar nature occurring again, you are projecting fear out into the future. Essentially, anticipating fear, based on a previous experience.

Have you ever been in a situation, or heard of someone who was in a situation that was dangerous and they came out of the situation feeling relieved that they were safe? Immediately after the event, you were OK. It was only sometime later, when you went to recall the event that you had been through that you noticed the feelings of fear. That is how fear is supposed to work, to make you aware to avoid that situation in the future.

Time Line Therapy ® and utilising our time line gives us a clear understanding of how we code time. Your time line is like an imaginary line that connects all of the events in your life in the order and sequence to which they have happened or will happen. In your imagination you can travel anywhere in time you wish. You can recall what you did last week or where you went for your last holiday or what your favourite teacher at school looked like when you were a child. You can even recall the sound of your all time favourite song and you can also explore numerous exciting opportunities out in the future.

You have total flexibility investigating time in this manner. For most individuals their memories are stored chronologically and represented as a continuous line.

When it comes to fear like, “fear of public speaking” or “stage fright” or “performance anxiety” or whatever fear based problem the person has. Logically, there has to be a first event at some point in the individuals time line and from that point they have learned to be afraid of speaking in public or being in the situation which triggers fear. If there wasn’t a first event then the person wouldn’t know to get frightened. Generally, people are not born with fear of public speaking or stage fright. Many kids love presenting and performing in front of an audience it’s only sometime later that they develop the fear.

Discover more about how Time Line Therapy ® can assist you to eliminate fear so you can get the results that you want and deserve. Contact us


Time Line Therapy™

Time Line Therapy™ – Enhance Your Performance

Time Line Therapy ® is the perfect performance enhancement tool kit. It’s ideal for anyone who want to improve their business performance or in sport, relationships in fact in all contexts. Time Line Therapy ® is a complete system that means your goals and dreams become attainable by getting rid of the “stuff” that prevented you having those outcomes and then setting goals in a specific way that will cause them to happen.

Maybe you want to get promoted at work or you want to have more energy available to you to be better at your chosen sport. Time Line Therapy ® is an easy to follow and effective process that you can use to enhance your performance and assist you in turning your dreams into reality. Plus by attending our Time Line Therapy ® Practitioner Certification Training, you’ll be able to use this tools and techniques to assist other improve their performance too. Imagine what it will be like now receiving recognition at work or becoming the star of your team or having all the energy you require to start your own business.

You can successfully enhance their performance with Time Line Therapy ®. Time Line Therapy ® allows you to unlock the hidden power and potential of your unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind is an amazing and powerful store house of all your resources. With Time Line Therapy ® you can tap into resources and access your hidden talents to positively enhance your performance.

With Time Line Therapy ® you can let go of your problems and your obstacles to achieving what you want. The greater problem is a construction of negative emotions and limiting decision that you made in the past. Time Line Therapy ® allows you to eliminate all of that quickly and easily. With all of that “stuff” gone, with Time Line Therapy ® we have a very specific and effective process for creating your future by designing and setting your goals in a very specific way. We’ll share all of this with on at the Time Line Therapy ® Training.

Time Line Therapy ® will give you access to new resources, choices, learnings and decisions which will drive new behaviours, motivate you and cause you to think in new ways which means your performance will be enhanced.

There are numerous benefits to Time Line Therapy ®. Time Line Therapy ® allows you to get rid of stress and anxiety. You’ll feel calm not just in your mind but also in your body too. People, who are just like you, have enjoyed wonderful results with Time Line Therapy ® and have also experienced a boost in confidence and increased self-esteem. If you would like to enhance your performance and experience a more rewarding and satisfying life then Time Line Therapy ® is for you.

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Time Line Therapy ® and Anger Management

Time Line Therapy ® and Anger Management

As a person you have a means to expressing how you feel by displaying the emotion. Your emotional state, the feeling you have inside, bubbles up to the surface and causes changes in your physiology and provides information to you and others about how you feel. People demonstrate positive emotions like love, happiness, excitement, joy etc. The flip side of the coin is that an individual can also experience and display negative emotions like anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt. In simple terms, both positive and negative emotions can be very intense and can be triggered by external or internal factors.

The rate of change across the planet has changed and we live in a society that runs at a fast pace. The problem is that people are too busy trying to keep up that they ignore how they feel or worse still surpress how they feel. Supressing negative emotions is extremely damaging to the body and can cause health related issue. A study in the JAMA highlighted the link between heart attacks and anger.

In Time Line Therapy®, anger is considered to be one of the 5 major negative emotions that a person can experience. Surpressed anger can cause the individual to get irrate and angry about really small, insignificant things that happen day to day. Anger can be very destructive too and a very angry person is not usually in control of their emotions. Have you ever been really angry and then said something, done something or thought something that you wish you hadn’t? It’s a common experience.

Anger can be damaging and if you notice that you triggered to anger over little things, it’s a sign that you have surpressed anger which is the long term will be damaging to your health. The great news is that you can let go of all that anger from the past quickly and easily with Time Line Therapy® techniques. With Time Line Therapy® you can get rid of all anger from the past in as little as 10 minutes! This also eliminates inappropriate and unwarranted outbursts of anger in the present and out in the future.

Be free from anger with Time Line Therapy®

Having let go of the negative emotions of the past and preserving the learnings, resources and new choices about how to behave in the present and in the future. With Time Line Therapy® techniques you can then create some really compelling goals and outcomes to focus on and move towards. Think of it! All that you could achieve with that old emotional baggage from the past gone for good!

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Time Line Therapy ® and Negative Emotions

Time Line Therapy(tm) – be free from your past

Time Line Therapy® and Negative Emotions

According to Dr Paul Goodwin in his book “Foundation Theory,” repressed negative emotions can cause blockages in the neural pathways within the body and therefore change the communication within the nervous system.

That means that negative emotions that become trapped within the body can cause obstructions and blockages in the flow of energy around the body. So a trapped negative emotion has the potential to trigger the brains to send the wrong (or maybe no) signal to various organs with the physical form.

Trapped negative emotions in the body can be a source of pain, discomfort and lead to serious problems like heart attacks and disease. A study by JAMA – the Journal of American Medical Association (6/96) linked the negative emotion of anger to heart attacks and heightened cholesterol. It’s well documented in psychological research that specific emotions have a greater effect on the heart.

In Time Line Therapy® Training, you will also discover that not only negative emotions have the potential to be damaging to the body. They can also block the flow of energy to fulfilling a goal and achieving our specific and desired outcomes. It’s a common experience for someone to say something to maybe a spouse or partner that they didn’t mean to say because they got angry.

Let’s face it negative emotions don’t feel good either. They are not exactly enjoyable! That’s often the reason why people turn to other things like food, alcohol, drugs, exercising etc to escape the pain of feeling that old negative emotion.

At our Time Line Therapy ® Training, you will learn specific Time Line Therapy™ techniques for letting go of negative emotions safely, quickly and effectively without having to go through the content. Time Line Therapy ® allows you to go back in time and get rid of old negative emotions as well as limiting decisions or limiting beliefs that don’t serve you anymore. It’s these past emotions and beliefs which will be preventing you from achieving what you want. Imagine with all that gone what amazing things you will be able to create in the future!!!

We know first hand how getting rid of emotional baggage from the past is the key for you to create the space and opportunity for designing a happy future. Too many people are weighed down with the extra baggage of unresolved negative feelings from the past and the truth is that it doesn’t have to be that way.

We have lots of exciting things to share with you at Time Line Therapy® Training that will allow you to dramatically improve the quality of your life.

Contact us today for our FREE Time Line Therapy® training information pack.

Time Line Therapy™

In this article we have some exciting tips for building your self confidence with Time Line Therapy ®

1: Eliminate your fears. One of the reasons that people lack confidence is because they become consumed by fear and anxiety. Time Line Therapy ® has a set of techniques that easily allow you to let go of fear from the past as well as assisting you to change to focus to ensure you focus on what you want. This allows the individual to build self confidence and courageously follow their goals and dreams with clearly defined outcomes.

2: Remember you are unique and magnificent! Believing in yourself is the key to your success. Often people’s confidence is knocked by doubts of self limiting beliefs about what they can achieve. You have many talents, experiences, wisdom and knowledge to share with others. With Time Line Therapy ® you can get rid of any doubts or limiting thoughts that would stop you from contributing and sharing your talents. This will allow you to grow and develop in terms of your confidence and your personal evolution.

3: Be the Best Version of You! Whatever you set out to do, you owe it to yourself to give it your all. Always strive to do your best, the push the boundaries and most importantly step out of your comfort zone. When you do, your comfort zone expands and the possibilities become limitless!

4: Take Action. It’s important to take action and to persevere. Remember there is no failure only feedback. That means you can confidently go out there and go for it, knowing that whatever happens, it’s just information for you and an opportunity to learn something new.

5: Learning Lesssons in Life. The people who are the wisest are the ones who have had lots of experience of life. Some situations are challenging and stretch our ability to dig deep and use resources we didn’t know we had available to us. In every situation their is something to learn and with Time Line Therapy ® you can perserve the learnings and let go of any negative emotions easily and effortlessly.

6: Accomplish Your Goals.  Creating a compelling future and setting goals is another exciting aspect of Time Line Therapy ®! Your confidence will blossom when you know you can do whatever you set your mind to achieve. You will feel confident, motivated and alive!

7: Look after yourself. You are important. So remember to take good care of you. Eat well, work out and get enough rest. When you feel good within yourself, you can’t help by feel confident.

For more information about Time Line Therapy ® contact us for a free information pack


In today’s modern world with it fast moving pace of life, it can be challenging to preserve good habits that maintain our emotional well being. To overcome this challenge easily, we have 5 top tips for maintaining your emotional well being that include utilising Time Line Therapy ® strategies.

1. Looking after your physical body. This is often overlooked by many people but your physical body houses your emotional body and therefore has a greater impact on your emotional well being than you might have first thought. So it’s important that you make the time to eat well, stay rehydrated, exercise and get plenty of sleep.

2. Letting go of negative emotions. There’s that saying, you might have heard it: “For every minute you are angry, you lose a minute if your happiness.” How true! Holding on to anger is toxic for you and your body. Holding on to negative emotions is harmful to the body and can lead to dis-ease. Learning Time Line Therapy means that you can easy let go of negative emotions and be in control of your emotional state.

3. Awareness. Expand your awareness and look at challenges times in a new way. What’s that famous saying, “Everything happens for a reason.” Life is a series of experiences, they are their to teach you lessons. If you are challenged by something or alerted by something, look for the hidden message or lesson within it. This by the way, is how the Elders of the Village, in ancient times, we known as the wise ones and why everyone looked up to them. They grew and evolved because they looked at life (the good bits and the not so good bits) as teaching them lessons they could learn and develop from.

4.Set goals and outcomes. Establish some goals, things you want to achieve. It keeps your mind vibrant and active and gives you a positive focus for your life. Ensure that your goals are SMART which will talk about in a previous blog post. Then utilise Time Line Therapy ® techniques of Creating Your Future.

5. Make sure you have fun! It’s important to find your balance in life to maintain your emotional well being. Make sure you pay equal attention to all areas of your life, remember to take time to enjoy yourself. This determines the enjoyment and quality of how you are experiencing your every day life. So be sure to have some fun and keep it balanced.

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Time Line Therapy ™ Training – How to develop your business opportunities with Time Line Therapy ®

Time Line Therapy™

As a prospective, new or professional coach or therapist, I’m sure that you keep a look out for new ways to assist your clients, while growing your business and enhancing your personal development.

Frequently, individuals in business will invest a lot of energy into something with a proven track record or in something that they realise is going to provide a significant return on their investment. This could seminars and trainings and in choosing seminars and trainings, they look for those that are purposefully designed to ensure that all the delegates who attend are able to successfully develop their capabilities, to be resourced and in a position where they can confidence utilise their new skills.

Our Time Line Therapy ™ Training is an exceptional  resource with a proven track record for increasing the possibilities for all who attend our training. Imagine now being more effective, focussed, positive and operating from a results orientated mind to ensure you success and also the success of the people around you.

In the business world today, people are in one of two camps. You have the group of people who are thriving and then there’s the group who are merely surviving. And that’s people who are facing the same economic challenges, it’s just their thinking is different. With Time Line Therapy ® you can discover the secrets of how to develop the mindset for success and that’s regardless of the external conditions.

Time Line Therapy ® provides you with the tools you need to operate in a new way and change your results, so you consistently achieve what you want. 

At our Time Line Therapy ™ Training we will share with you advanced skills that will take you to new, higher levels of expertise that will allow you to make well informed decisions about yourself and your business. You will have more options and possibilities available to you, than ever before.

You can effortlessly use all of the skills we will share with you at our Time Line Therapy ™ Training as we provide relevant real world examples of how this technology works. For more information about our full range of NLP, Time Line Therapy ®, Hypnosis and NLP Coaching Trainings, please visit Mind Training Systems.  Here’s where you will  find many different ways that you can join us and work with a training and coaching company that is producing superior benefits to many professionals across the UK and also in many other locations on the planet.

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