Understanding Your Personal Power & Time Line Therapy®

Empowerment is a word that we here frequently these days. But what does it mean? In my mind empowerment is about an individual having full access to their own personal power and resources which allows them to take charge of creating all that they want in their lives. Empowerment is about taking responsibility for your own results. And that’s not just the good stuff, that’s also the not so good stuff and recognising that it’s all feedback and provides an opportunity to learn and development further.

Frequently people mistake the idea of responsibility as being the same as “fault” or “blame”.  Rather than pointing the finger at another person or indeed yourself trying to attribute blame or fault in some way.  Look at the experience that you’ve had and search for the meaning within it. What can you learn from the event. That’s being at cause.

Cause and effect is an important theme that we discuss in our  Time Line Therapy ® trainings. From a physical point of view cause and effect is very simple. Let’s take the example of a brick wall. If I bang my head against a brick wall, it’s going to hurt and every time I bang my head against the wall, my head is going to hurt. That’s cause and effect. Now, here’s where empowerment comes in through responsibility. Some individuals will see quite clearly they are the cause of the head banging. They can see that if they can interact with the wall in a different way and they will therefore get a different result. It’s possible that they can find a way over it, under it, around it or possibly through it because the head banging really hasn’t worked for them!

So what about the those people who remain on the effect side of the cause and effect equation? Well you’ll probably hear them say things like: “It’s not fair, why do I have to bang my head against the brick wall, I wish it would just disappear!” Or “The wall is just too big and it’s never going to go away, so I’m always going to have this headache!” Or “I can’t do anything about it, the wall has always been there for as long as I can remember.” Hmmmm can you relate to any of this?? The question is, in the various areas of your life, which side of the equation are you on cause or effect? Ie where are you open to creating change to improve your results (that’s being at cause) and where are you stuck with a brick wall or limitation (that’s being on the effect).

In most traditions and in Time Line Therapy ®, we teach that not only your actions but also your thoughts and your words have creative power as well. What you hold in your mind creates a result, so everything you think, everything you say and everything you do has consequence. This means that at some level you created everything that is in your world, everything that is around you. Knowing that you have caused this result, you realise that you can change it. And with Time Line Therapy ® you have additional power in that you can choose how you want to create events in the future. As you begin to own that power and realise that you can create your world exactly as you want it, your unconscious mind will accept your evaluation as truth and act accordingly.

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