Why Time Line Therapy ™?

With Time Line Therapy ™ techniques, for perhaps the first time in history, we have a method for resolution of significant events that can be found in an individual’s past life history. A method for creating a change that is aligned, in fact totally aligned, with how the individual’s unconcious mind operates and works already.

Plus we now have the skills  to be able to release the negative emotions on those past thoughts and memories easily, quickly and effectively in a content free way. This has a massive, positive impact on how the person will behave in the future. Releasing those old, negative emotions for the past is a liberating experience. Consider, just for a moment, what it will do for you? How would it be for you having released, let’s say, all the anger on the thoughts and memories you have about the past, while you preserve the learnings from those events. What that allow you to do moving forward? Or how about other negative emotions that might bother you like, sadness, fear or guilt?

Think about this for a moment. How about if you knew how to go back and change any old decision that you made back in the past and re-decide it so that it supported you in who you are now? What would that be like? If you had the tools to allow every event in your past to re-evaluate itself, in such a way that it supported you in your magnificence. Would that be of value to you?

With Time Line Therapy ™, you will have a wonderful skill set which means you can re-evaluate your past life history, and change any decision that is limiting you. To a large extent your behaviour and how you act is being guided, mostly unconsciously, by the decisions that you have made in the past. In fact, the truth is that it doesn’t matter whether these decisions were made consciously or unconsciously, they influence how you act in present. Like your emotions, your decisions are also stored in your Time Line, and through your Time Line you can gain access to them.

Finally, how would it be for you, if you had a really reliable process for designing and creating your future, your life, the way you wanted it. You were able to have the outcome, event or thing actually happen for you? Learning Time Line Therapy ™ allows you access to a proven process for designing and creating your future. These processes are as powerful and potent as those you will discover for letting go of negative emotions and cleaning out those old limiting decisions.

These are the 3 key techniques that make up the major skills of Time Line Therapy ™ as we teach it today. Taking our  Time Line Therapy ™ Training means that you have total emotional control over your life – this is how to  have true empowerment. Plus as a Practitioner you can use these techniques for yourself and with other people to assist them to also transform their lives.

Time Line Therapy® Practitioner Certification Training

Time Line Therapy® Practitioner Certification Training